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BioPak 240R Revolution:

The Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution is the most highly advanced, easiest to use 4-hour rebreather ever offered. With 6 liters of tidal volume, it delivers the lowest resistance breathing of any rebreather available. The BioPak 240 Revolution cuts return to service time by 50%.

A revolutionary, solid CO2 scrubber design eliminates the need to measure and refill CO2 absorbent as well as potential for refilling errors.

quick-change cooling system lets you change out the canister's coolant while unit is being worn without breaking into the breathing loop or removing the external housing. Designed for safety, developed for reliability, this revolutionary self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) will out-perform any other unit on the market.

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Worldwide Safety Approvals


Easier Breathing faster deployments Greater Comfort and Safety Easier Operation Less Expensive Ownership